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Car Glass Waterproof Coating Spray

Car Glass Waterproof Coating Spray

AUTOMATIC FILM FORMATION: This waterproof car coating enhances night and wet weather visibility and improves driver safety. Also makes windshield wipers perform better by forming a water barrier film on the glass surface automatically and quickly.
CRYSTAL CLEAR & PERFECT VISIBILITY: Prevent water moist on your car's windshield and mirrors. An invisible layer is created, which prevents moist from raining, so you don’t have to clean your glass anymore. Also usable on motorcycle helmet visors.
LATEST WATERPROOF TECHNOLOGY: Instead of using silicone-based formula, this glass coating ensures a longer lasting effect and harder resistance to environmental factors. It's odorless, long-lasting, breathable, invisible and super hydrophobic.
MULTI-PURPOSE: Treat your car windows and rearview mirrors with this waterproof coating agent or apply it to the bathroom glass, dressing mirror, glass door and more to make them much clearer.
FAST AND EASY TO USE: Easily remove dirt, pet slobber, grease, fingerprints, sap, bugs and more from glass surfaces such as windshields, windows, and mirrors. Just simply spray to the needed area without buffing required, easy and fast.
Net content: 30 ml

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